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Job Requested

The customer requests the job with all the details info from AIR.

Job Shot

AIR shoots the job on the date and time requested/decided upon by the customer.

Content Delivered

AIR delivers the photos/videos the following morning along with the invoice/payment link.

Invoice Due

The invoice is due within 3 days of receipt by the customer. If it is a check, it is due the day the job was shot.

Invoice Due Date:

  • All invoices are due within 3 days of receipt by the customer.

    • Payments can be made online through Square (a safe and secure online transaction tool). This is our most preferred and strongly encouraged method of payment.​

      • Credit/Debit Card​

      • ACH Bank Transfer

  • If you choose to pay with cash or check, it must be paid on the date of the shoot.​​

    • This avoids losing checks via the USPS or any other issues

  • If there are issues/disputes with the services delivered by AIR, the invoice will be delayed until our customer is satisfied with the product they received.

Overdue Invoices:

  • If an invoice is overdue, then a 15% late fee will be applied to the invoice, each week it is overdue.

  • Each customer will be given, on their first overdue invoice, a 3 day grace period before the fee is charged.

  • AIR will send reminders via text/email about due invoices and overdue

  • If for some reason you cannot make a payment in time, contact us immediately and we may be able to work something out!

Date: May 14, 2021 - Effective Date: May 15, 2021

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