With the still current threat of COVID-19, AIR is committed to providing safe and high-quality services for our customers. AIR has implemented temporary operating procedures for the health and safety of our customers. We thank you for your understanding during these times. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

  • All operations will have the option of no-contact shoots. AIR will arrive at the location and complete the requested operation with zero interaction with the customer or the customer's clients (i.e. homeowners of the property).

    • AIR will text or call the customer when we arrive at the location and when we leave the location as well if requested

  • If an operation has contact with a customer or client of a customer, then the proper CDC guidelines will be followed​

    • Social distancing of at least 6-feet​

    • Mask will be worn by AIR employees to follow orders from the State of Michigan

    • Masks are to be worn by the client/customer at their own discretion.

  • For operations inside a house or building:​​

    • ​AIR prefers the homeowner is absent at the time of the operation to remain a no-contact operation​​

      • Hands of AIR employee will be sanitized prior to contact with anything on the property and after

  • If a customer has shown symptoms of COVID-19 or has been in contact with someone who has had it, then the operation MUST be no-contact. No exceptions will be allowed.​

  • If a customer or the client of the customer has tested positive for COVID-19, then the shoot must take place at least 14 days after the positive test.

  • All completed work will be sent via a link to Show&Tour, our method of file sharing. A link to pay online will also be available. No physical file drop-off (flash drives) will occur during this time to avoid as much contact as possible.

January 1st, 2021

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